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Day 13 – Final day in Hoi An

by Mark

Today was our final day in Hoi An and it is a little bit sad that we have to leave tomorrow. We spent the extremely hot day in the old quarter markets and cafes. Due to the heat, we visited a lot of cafes today in amongst our browsing of the shops. A lot of shops have portable air conditioners but these don’t really do much for the open plan building designs and high temperatures, lots of cold drinks and sorbet are the only way to combat the heat.

We picked up our tailored clothes today, I had 2 jackets made up by Simons and M had a dress and a jacket made up by OCHE, the clothes all look great and these guys were amazing to deal with. If you want any custom clothes and you are in Hoi An, these guys are both very good.

On our walk today we visited the Japanese bridge which for some reason they try to charge you to go into, I did not see the need to pay so looked from a far. This was the last tourist attraction to see on our list so it was good that we got to see this today.

That is about all that has happened today, it was far too hot to do too much exploring so we took it nice and easy around the town. Tomorrow we fly to Hanoi where we will then transfer to Halong Bay for a night on a junk boat and some cave exploration. We are looking forward to seeing Hanoi but at the same time wish we were staying in Hoi An for another week. This is definitely a place that I want to come back to!

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