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About Me

by Mark

My names Mark and i’m an IT Professional in Australia. The IT landscape is forever changing, this is what makes it so interesting but challenging at the same time. In my day job I do alot of work with servers and networks, cloud based technologies such as Office 365 and pretty much everything in between. My goal has always been to ensure technology supports the core business of an organisation, not adapting the organisation to suit the technology and it is this philosophy which has kept my business growing for over 10 years.

In my spare time I love to travel, I love being emerged in different cultures and learning about the history of different countries. During my travels I have developed a keen interest in photography and had the opportunity to take photos in lots of different countries, continually refining my skillset.

My aim for this website is to not only share some of interesting travel and things i’m doing, but also provide a set of articles as a reference point for both myself and my network for IT related tutorials.

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